Welcome to Alabama Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine
                                              Associates, P.C.

Alabama Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Associates. P.C is a
purpose-built facility for Sports Medicine and General Orthopaedic
care servicing Montgomery and entire Alabama. Dr. Kenneth Taylor,
our director is a Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon specializing
in Sports Medicine and Family Orthopaedics.

Our website features interactive presentations on the anatomy
of Hip and Knee joints, Total Hip Replacement, Hip Resurfacing,
Revision Hip Replacement, Knee Arthroscopy, ACL Reconstruction
Unicondylar Knee Replacement, Revision Knee Replacement  and
much more. Website also features topics on Shoulders, hand,
wrist, back & spine, foot & ankle, sports medicine and much more.

The information in this website is provided to reinforce the advice
you receive from your own doctors and is not intended to replace
discussions with your doctor. We hope you find our website
Informative and Interactive to meet your inquiries.

Thank you for visiting us.

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